Tours - Khaled's Camp
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Jeeptour in Wadi Rum

Jeep Tour and Scrambling

What better way to experience the Wadi Rum Protected Area than by traveling on the back of one of the area’s SHIPS OF THE DESERT or camel. This tour classification offers guests a number of desert options.

1. Full Day Jeep Tour and Scrambling

Full day jeep tour and scrambling to the top of Burdah Rock Bridge (with a guide), one night in the desert. All meals provided.

When you arrive at Rum Village we will meet you at the Rest House where we will escort you by jeep to Lawrence Spring to see some Thamudic inscriptions. From there we will drive to the big red sand dunes that you can climb! Then we will be off to Anfishiah to see some Nabataean inscriptions, Lawrence House and Burdah Rock Bridge. We will provide a Bedouin guide to take you to the top of the latter, an amazing site. When you come back down, lunch and Bedouin tea will be waiting for you. After this we will drive to Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, which you can climb with ease. We will end the day at the Camp where you can find great and easy-to-reach spots to watch the sunset. Afterwards, you can join us in the main tent to enjoy your dinner. The rest of the evening is up to you. You may want to spend some time stargazing or just relaxing around the bonfire. In the morning you can watch the sunrise from the camp before breakfast. When you are ready and packed we will take you back to Rum Village.
Persons Cost Per Person
2 75 JD
3 70 JD
4-5 65 JD
6+ 55 JD