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Jeeptour in Wadi Rum

5 Day Hiking and Scrambling Tour

This is an incredible tour for those who have more time to spare and want to experience Wadi Rum by foot. The tour includes extended hikes in addition to some of the best scrambling the protected area has to offer.

Day One

  1. This tour begins at the Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  2. Hiking through Al An Seeim to the Umm Ishrin – approximately 3 hours
  3. Lunch in Umm Ishrin
  4. Onward to Barragh Canyon
  5. Dinner at the entrance to the canyon
  6. Overnight in the canyon

Day Two

  1. After breakfast, the tour of Barragh Canyon begins
  2. 3 hour hike of the area
  3. Lunch in the canyon
  4. Easy hike to Jebel Burdah
  5. Dinner in its shadow
  6. Overnight

Day Three

  1. Scrambling of Burdah Bridge begins after breakfast to catch the awe-inspiring views of the protected area – approximately 3-3.5 hours
  2. Lunch at the camp
  3. Short rest before venturing off on another 3 hour walk to the evening camp
  4. Sunset, dinner and overnight at another desert location

Day Four

  1. 5 hours are needed to hike the distance to Jebel Khasch near the Saudi Arabian border. This is a relatively easy hike chalk full of incredible views, especially from the top of the mountain.
  2. Lunch after descending Jebel Khasch
  3. Time to catch your breath
  4. Walk to Wadi Nograh – a white sand canyon
  5. Camp near Jebel Abu Hamata

Day Five

  1. After breakfast, the hike resumes. The journey comes full circle as we return to the meeting place in Rum Village.
  2. Traveling through some beautiful, unique landscapes.
  3. Lunch
  4. Hike to Jebel Qatar and its dripping well
  5. Arrive in Rum Village in the afternoon
Persons Cost Per Person
2-4 350 JD
5+ 280 JD