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About Us

Sleeping Below The Stars
Khaled's Camp

Our Camp is an intimate, private camp with clean washroom facilities. We offer various styles of sleeping accommodations:

  1. Guests can sleep in the iconic Bedouin tent known as bait al shar or house of hair because of the goat hair used in its production. There are private tents which can accommodate upwards of 6 people. In addition we offer family tents that cater to the needs of families or larger groups.
  2. There is also the option of sleeping in a tent on a bed instead of a mattress.
  3. total tent we have is 18 rooms
  4. For the more adventuresome, we offer sand dune accommodations. Sleeping under the stars is an amazing way to experience the desert. Everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime.
  5. We also have a private cave for guests wishing greater seclusion. After dinner we will escort you to the cave, which is located behind the camp.

In all cases, mattresses and blankets are provided.

We also offer a special play area for children. They can play on the sand dune or climb the small hill located close to the camp. Both areas are safe and very clean.

Our camp is situated 12 km from Rum Village tucked inside one of the Wadi Rum Protected Area's most beautiful sunset and sunrise locations.

It is a quiet setting but still within close proximity to excellent hiking, trekking and climbing sites as well as the Wilderness Zone for those visitors wanting to experience greater tranquility and solitude.

We are also located near the newly installed telescope at the observation point. A five minute walk will have you gazing at a million stars!