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About Us

Ahlan wa Sahlan!

I am Khaled Sabbah Atieg.

We would like to welcome you to the Wadi Rum Protected Area.
I was born and bred in the Wadi Rum badia or desert as were our brothers. I spent my childhood running up and down the local sand dunes, exploring desert niches and climbing the area's mountains.

Our elders taught us how to live in the badia and practice the customs of our ancestors. Of most importance was Bedouin hospitality.

This tradition was and is to this day central to Bedouin life and has become the foundation upon which I have developed my Camp. It is our goal that your visit to our "desert home" will provide you with the most memorable and meaningful Wadi Rum experience possible!

I am happy to share my extensive knowledge of the Wadi Rum Protected Area with you. I have been working in tourism as far back as either I can remember.

In fact, I have grown up with the Wadi Rum tourism industry as my family was one of the first families in the area to offer guided tours and camping facilities to visitors. This long experience has enabled me to learn about the finer points of desert tourism. I pride my selves in our attention to detail and the diversity of tours available to our guests.

From jeep tours and trekking to scrambling and sand dune surfing, we offer unique and exciting tours that will fit all of our guests' needs. We invite you to come and join us around the fire in our dining tent while we sip tea, eat zerb and tell Bedouin stories.